How to create a win 7 Virtual Machine – under win 7

How to create a win 7 Virtual Machine – under win 7

1.) assumed at the moment you had a computer with win 7 operating system. download virtualbox at

click the x86/amd64, download process will begin




2.) install the downloaded file



the installation process is self-explanatory so i wont post anything about it.


3.) after installed, open the virtualbox program, click New button



4.) you will see this menu..give it any name, for eg: “win7-vm” or whatever you can remember. make sure the version you choose is Windows 7 32 bit, then click Next



5.) i prefer allocate a bit more ram, by default is 512mb. if your computer has plenty of ram, you can set 1Gb (1024mb) or even more. then click Next



6.) choose Create a virtual hard drive now, then click Next



7.) choose virtualbox disk image, then click Next



8.) choose Fixed size, then click Next



9.) i prefer allocate hardisk size to 30GB, default is 25GB, then click Create



10.) it will start creating the virtual disk. just wait until finish



11.) after the creating process finished, you should see VM or the left column, right click on it, go to Settings



12.) on the settings page, click the System, then tick the Enable I/O APIC, and click Processor tab



13.) under the processor, move the slider to the right. and make sure cpu is 2, then click OK



14.) right click the VM again, go to Settings.  select the Display then move the Video memory slider to right. up to 128MB, then click OK



15.) get a win 7 .iso physical disc. you can download from or use legit copy. its up to you


16.) insert the disc into the tray, wait a bit until it runs, then you right click the VM -> start



17.) click start button, and then click the X on upper right to close the pop-up



18.) windows installation should start




19.) click next



20.) click install now



21.) some of the disc will have this option.

x86 means it is 32 bit

x64 means it is 64 bit. so choose accordingly to your VM setting earlier. in this tutorial we’ll gonna install 32 bit VM only, 64 bit usually very slow for most of the pc.  then click Next



22.) tick the box then click Next



23.) choose the Custom(advanced)



24.) you should see only 1 hardisk, which is the one we just created. if we set the virtual hardisk to 30GB earlier, it should display 30GB, otherwise 25gb is default. select it. then click Next



25.) installation process will start, just sit and wait until finish



26.) after finish installation it will ask to restart. just click restart..then it will display “press any key to boot from CD, DVD. Do not press any key..let it continue to load


27.) input any name, then click Next



28.) it will also ask to setup password, this is optional.


29.) if your windows is pirated, choose Ask me later. genuine copy of windows can choose “Use recommended settings” but all these is done under VM, so most of the time can choose “Ask me later”. unless you have specific usage and testing under VM, then choose “recommended settings”


30.) settings the time, screenshot not necessary

31.)  if your host computer already connected to internet. this screen will appear, choose “Public Network”


it will restart again. do not press any key to boot from CD/DVD. just let it load and continue to run from hardisk

32.) the fresh window will load



33.) to use internet inside the VM. your Host Computer must have connected to internet first. only then start the VM.. do not start the VM first then try connect to internet it wont work, because accessing the internet is via your host computer

34.) now inside the VM, click Start > right click “Computer” > Properties > Windows Update > Let me choose my settings .

in this tutorial we will turn off windows update, because we dont need it at the moment

choose Never check for updates

also Uncheck the box “allow all users to install updates on this computer > click OK



35.) to increase performance in VM, you might wanna do this too

Start > right click “Computer” > Properties > Advanced System Settings > under the “Advanced” tab > Settings.. >

choose “Adjust for best performance” > Apply > OK




Start > right click “Computer” > Properties > Advanced System Settings > under the “System Protection” tab

click the Local Disk (C:) (System) > Configure button > Turn off  system protection > Apply > it will ask are you sure…? click Yes. then click OK



36.) shut down the VM and clone it first. you do not want to use it right away. because you might need to reuse untouched/clean version of VM in future, in order to avoid going thru lengthy installation process again.

right click the VM name > Clone



give it a name for eg: secondary win 7

tick the box “Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards

click next



choose Full Clone > then click Clone



it will start cloning..just wait until finish



after done clone, you will see another VM > right click on > Start.

now you can use the secondary Win 7 VM, access the internet..etc.

(in this tutorial, you can starts download the Antidetect program link i gave you)


in case the secondary VM infected with virus or whatever, you can just shutdown VM > right click > remove > delete all files. reclone from the clean version and start over with secondary VM, etc.. you can reclone as many VM as you want.


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