How to load Antidetect with cookies/history – under win 7

How to load Antidetect with cookies/history – under win 7

1.) under your Host computer, connect to internet first. then open the Virtualbox, make sure you use the secondary VM. you do not want to use the only first VM, so always clone it first. because you might need to reuse untouched/clean version of VM in future, in order to avoid going thru lengthy installation process again.

right click the secondary vm and start



in this tutorial it is win 7, if in the notes i mentioned is win vista. then you have to install win vista first

2.) after the VM loads, adjust to the resolution and time setting i mentioned in the notes

3.) open Internet explorer and download the antidetect link

4.) after downloaded the zip file, extract it to a folder, you should see 3 folder, “browser”, “BrowserAntidetect” and “otherfiles” folder

5.) copy “browser” and “BrowserAntidetect” folder to drive C:\



6.) go to “otherfiles” folder, run the “flashplayer17_ha_install.exe” installation

install the flash

choose never check for updates > Next



7.) after flash installed, copy the files “mms.cfg” from “otherfiles” folder

then paste it into this directory “C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash”



it should ask confirmation..choose “Copy and Replace”. and yes, replace the mms.cfg file

and also delete the FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe file


8.) go to C:\BrowserAntidetect

right click the antidetect5.exe > Run as administrator > Yes



9.) the antidetect program will load

click Load button > double click “WorkProfiles” > “Win7_x64_US_Default” > “firstname” (make sure you double-click “firstname”) > then click OK



10.) it will say profile loaded, click OK. then click the firefox icon. please be patient..first time open it will take a while to load



11.) Untick the “Always ask before opening the file, then click Run




12.) the firefox should load > click the menu > history, you should see ,email, cookies,history etc.. is in there



13.) dont open any website first. close the firefox and antidetect.

we have to setup static ip first. open internet explorer go to earthvpn website

for win 7 here :

if youre on win vista go here :

download and install the 1 click setup program :


also DOWNLOAD & INSTALL the openVPN too :


14.) extract the earthvpn zip file > go inside the folder, right click > Run as administrator



15.) the program will open,

username , password and location refer the notes i gave you

make sure you choose protocol = OpenVPN, Port=TCP-80 and Country = USA

also check the “Save password” and tick the “Kill internet access when disconnect”



after done setting, click Connect and it will display the static ip, cross check the ip address and make sure it is exactly the same i mentioned in the notes.

after connected to static ip, go back to steps number 8 and reload the antidetect browser. then you can open the website.